Non Vegetarian

Lamb Chops (3 Pieces)                                   4.95

Tandoori mixed Kebab                                  5.95

(Chicken Tikka, Sheek and Lamb Tikka)

Tandoori Chicken (on the bone)                     3.95

Tikka Chicken or Lamb                                 3.95

Garlic Chicken Tikka                                      3.95

Kebab Shami or Sheek                                  3.95


Fried Fish (Spicy)                                           3.95

King Prawn Puri                                            6.95

Prawn Puri                                                    4.95

Tandoori King Prawn                                    6.95

Butter King Prawn (Garlic + Herbs)               6.95

Special Tandoori Platter                               18.95

Chicken tikka, lamb tikka, meat samosa,

sheek kebab and lamb chop

Vegetarian Platter                                        13.95

Onion bhaji, vegetable samosa,

paneer tikka and spiced potatoes

Meat Samosa                                2.95

Meat Pepper Stuffed                     5.95

Naga Kebab (hot & Spicy)              3.95

Stir fry chicken (Indian style)         4.25

Chicken Pakora                             4.25

Kebab Patti                                   4.95

(chicken or Lamb with Sag)


Vegetable Samosa                       2.95

Vegetable Pepper Stuffed           4.95

Onion Bhaji                                  2.95

Paneer Tikka                                4.50

Boiled Rice (Basmati)                                                      2.50

Pilau Rice (Basmati)                                                        2.95

Special Fried Rice                                                           3.95

Fried Rice (Basmati)                                                        2.95

Egg Fried Rice                                                                 2.95

Garlic Fried Rice                                                              2.95

Lemon Rice                                                                     2.95

Mushroom Fried Rice                                                      3.50

Jeera fried Rice (Cumin)                                                 2.95

Keema Fried Rice (Minced Lamb)                                   3.50

Vegetable Pilau Rice (Basmati)                                      2.95


Plain Nan                                                                        2.25

Peshwari Nan                                                                 2.75

Keema Nan                                                                     2.75

Garlic Nan                                                                       2.75

Onion Kulcha Nan                                                           2.75

Cheese Nan                                                                     2.95

Cheese and Garlic                                                           3.10

Chapati                                                                            1.00

Paratha                                                                           2.50

Stuffed Paratha (veg)                                                     2.95

Bangla Nan (Onion, Chilli, Coriander)                                2.95

Tandoori Roti 1.95


The following dishes are served with Chips & Salad

Scampi                                                                             8.95

French ‘Fried Chicken                                                     8.95

Omelette                                                                         8.95


Sirloin Steak                                                                    12.95


Poppadom                                                                        0.90

Spicy Poppadom                                                              1.00

Chutney trays (choice of five)                                            1.50

Fried Mushrooms                                                             1.95

Chips                                                                                 2.50

Raita                                                                                 1.95

(Cucumber or onions in mildly spiced yogurt)

Green Salad or Indian Salad                                            2.50

Non Vegetarian (for 2 persons)


Meat Samosa

Sheek Kebab Chicken Tikka Masala (M)

Lamb or Chicken Jalfrezi (M)

Bombay Aloo (S)

Pilau Rice

Plain or Peshwari Nan

Vegetarian (for 2 persons)


Vegetable Samosa

Onion Bhaji Sag Paneer (M)

Vegetable Korai (M)

Tarka Dall (S)


Plain Rice

2 Chapatis

(M)=Main Dish | (S)=Side Dish


Cooked in a thick sauce with finely chopped onions and

tomatoes flavoured with green herbs. Medium


Cooked with chopped onions, garnished with fresh coriander. Medium


Cooked with medium spices producing a hot and sour taste. Hot


Cooked with fresh spinach, spices and herbs. Medium


Flavoured with ground almond and coconut. Creamy dish. Very Mild


Cooked with lentils and fresh herbs. Sweet, Sour & Hot


Does not need any explanation, a truly majestic dish. Hot

Chicken                                                                                                    6.95

Lamb                                                                                                        7.50

Prawn                                                                                                       7.50

King Prawn                                                                                              11.95

All dishes are medium spiced

Bombay Aloo                                                                            3.95         6.95

Saag Paneer (Spinach and Cheese)                                           3.95         6.95

Matar Paneer (Green Peas and Cheese)                                     3.95         6.95

Tarka Dall (Lentils and fried garlic, Soup style)                           3.95         6.95

Aloo Gobi (potato & Cauliflower)                                                 3.95         6.95

Bhindi Bhaji (Okra)                                                                    3.95         6.95

Vegetable Bhaji (Dry)                                                               3.95         6.95

Bringal Bhaji (Aubergine)                                                          3.95         6.95

Chana Bhaji (Chick peas)                                                           3.95         6.95

Saag Bhaji (spinach with garlic)                                                 3.95         6.95

Mushroom Bhaji                                                                        3.95         6.95

Saag Aloo (spinach and potato)                                                  3.95         6.95

Chilli Paneer (hot & spicy)                                                         3.95         6.95

Tandoori chicken                                                                                           6.95

½ chicken mildly spiced and cooked in the tandoor

Tikka (chicken or lamb)                                                                                  6.95

Boneless chicken or lamb piece flavoured with ground

spices and cooked in a tandoor.

Chicken or Lamb Tikka Shashlicks                                                               9.95

Boneless chicken or lamb with onions, capsicum and tomatoes.

Tandoori Mixed Grill                                                                                     12.95

Tandoori chicken, Chicken, lamb tikka, sheek kebab & Lamb chop

Lamb Chops                                                                                                   8.95

Lamb, medium spices skewered and cooked in the tandoor

Tikka Paneer Shashlicks                                                                               7.95

Marinated Indian cheese pieces flavoured with special spices.

Jeera Trout                                                                                                    9.95

Fried trout spiced with peppers and cumin seeds.

Tandoori King Prawn                                                                                    13.95

Marinated in special tandoori sauce and cooked in the tandoor

All dishes served on an iron sizzle plate and  served with salad and mint sauce


King Prawn Roshni                                                                                       13.95

Consists of pickled garlic, green peppers and cubes of onion. Medium

King Prawn Jalfrezi                                                                                      13.95

Cooked with onions, green peppers and chillies. Hot

King Prawn Masala                                                                                      13.95

Cooked in a special masala sauce with almonds and coconut. Mild

King Prawn Karai                                                                                         13.95

Cooked in garlic, ginger, onions and tomatoes,

highly spiced in an iron skillet. Medium

Sizzling Fish                                                                                                  10.95

Spicy fried salmon Bengal style, served with onions

and cooked in a sauce. Medium

King Prawn Delight                                                                                      13.95

Sliced mango mildly spiced. Mild

Cooked in garlic, ginger and onions. Highly spiced and tossed in an

iron skillet with sauce. Medium

Chicken/Lamb/Prawn                                                                                 8.25

King Prawn                                                                                                  13.95

Vegetable                                                                                                     7.50

Chicken Tikka                                                                                               8.95

Special (mixed)                                                                                           12.95

Chicken tikka, lamb and tandoori chicken

Served on an iron sizzle plate. Cooked in sauce with ground spices and onions. Medium

Chicken Tikka                                                                                               8.95

Chicken                                                                                                         8.25

Prawn                                                                                                           8.25

King Prawn                                                                                                  13.95

Lamb Chops                                                                                                10.95

Vegetable 6.95

All Balti dishes are Slightly Hot. Add any Vegetables extra £1.50

Lamb                                                                                                            8.95

Chicken/Prawn                                                                                            7.95

King Prawn                                                                                                  13.95

Vegetable                                                                                                     7.50

Chicken Tikka                                                                                               8.95

Paneer (cottage cheese)                                                                                7.95

Special (mixed)                                                                                             12.95

Chicken, Lamb, prawn and king prawn

Cooked with Basmati Rice and served with curried vegetables.

Chicken/Lamb                                                                                             8.95

King Prawn                                                                                                  13.95

Vegetable                                                                                                     8.50

Chicken Tikka                                                                                              10.50

Akbars Special                                                                                             12.95

Chicken, Lamb, Prawn and King Prawn

CHICKEN TIKKA MASALA                                                                              8.50

Cooked in a special masala sauce with almonds and coconut. Mild

CHICKEN TIKKA PEPSILA                                                                             8.50

Cooked with fresh minced lamb, herbs and spices. Medium

CHICKEN TIKKA PASANDA                                                                           8.50

Cooked in a special passanda sauce with

almonds, ground nuts, yogurt & fresh cream. Mild

REZELLA (Chicken or Lamb)                                                                             8.50

Cooked in a hot and spicy sauce,

garnished with bullet chillies. Very Hot

MARRICHA (Chicken or Lamb)                                                                        8.50

Cooked with fresh coriander, green chillies and pickles. Hot & Spicy

JEERA (Chicken or Lamb)                                                                                 8.50

Marinated in garlic and ginger, cooked with fresh

cumin seeds and other delicious spices. Medium

JALFREZI (Chicken or Lamb)                                                                           8.50

Diced pieces grilled over charcoal and then fried

with onions, green peppers and chillies. Hot

GARLIC TIKKA BHUNA (Chicken or Lamb)                                                     8.50

Marinated and cooked with tomato, garlic and dry spices. Medium

CHICKEN DHAKESWARI                                                                               8.50

Tender pieces of chicken in a creamy sauce

cooked with fenugreek, yogurt and mild spices. Mild

ROSHNI (Chicken or Lamb)                                                                             8.50

Consists of fresh garlic, green peppers & cubes of onions. Medium

TANDOORI MURG MASALA                                                                           8.95

Tandoori chicken cooked in a spicy masala sauce

with minced lamb and served with salad. Medium

CHILLI MASALA (Chicken or Lamb)                                                               8.50

Cooked with fresh herbs and spices, fresh chillies

flavoured in masala sauce and coriander. Hot & Spicy

CHICKEN NEHARI                                                                                         8.50

Medium spiced with mustard dry herbs. Medium

CHICKEN JAIPURI                                                                                        8.95

Chicken tikka and mushroom with a touch of tomato sauce. Medium

NORTH INDIAN GARLIC CHILLI (Chicken or Lamb)                                     8.95

A rich hot curry Hot & Spicy

NAGA SPECIAL (Chicken or Lamb)                                                                 8.50

Naga chilli pickle, hot and spicy dish.

Highly recommended by the chef who is a hot curry lover. Very Hot & Spicy

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